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[[As simple post as ever.

There is a man in a trench coat and a black-red-and-yellow mask, obviously of ninja origin.

He's not even going anywhere or doing anything, just standing about in the hallway.

Dare ye approach?]]
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Player Name: Zs1
Personal LJ: [ profile] overmanzs1
AIM Contact: OvermanZs1
Character Name: Schwarz Bruder
Source Canon: Mobile Fighter G Gundam
Community Tag: Schwarz Bruder

Notes: I'm not bringing the plot back. Consider this post-canon. this is essentially the same as the original app, sans events/missions.

Background: (to an extent)

Personality: Schwarz, even at a glance, is a walking contradiction (to a degree), albeit, he provides a point when asked. He is a master of German Ninjutsu, but many state they haven't heard of such a thing; to which he replies that they've clearly done their job of being a ninja well. However much the state of being a "German Ninja" convolutes things; Schwarz himself only complicates it a degree further.

Schwarz isn't German, nor does he even express any sort of German habits, stereotypes, or speech patterns. Only his name, and the colors of his mask say anything toward his German origin. Being Neo-Germany's fighter is only a role he plays to keep a tight eye on Domon, the Gundam Fight, and the Devil Gundam; and it's a role he plays well. Though he doesn't fight for national pride or respect, he's certainly not going to sit by and lose on account of his true origins.

Schwarz is vaguely reminiscent of Kyoji, Domon's brother, though they share the same face, Schwarz is quite independent of Kyoji. He doesn't exactly have family ties to Domon, so when given his task to look after the younger Kasshu, he's free to do it in his own way. Schwarz tends to scold and be condescending towards Domon, and when given the right chance, introduce his not!brother to his fist (because what older brother doesn't pick on the younger). In a way, it's still a rather brotherly love toward Domon, without the blood connection. Everything he does for Domon, from a left hook to the face to striking at him with his Gundam's blades, it's all for the betterment of the younger Kasshu so that he might truly come to understand his true potential and take down the Devil Gundam.

Though Schwarz's primary directive is "babysit Domon", that doesn't exclude him from helping others. His methods are a bit... odd to say the least. Most notably, Schwarz won't always appear as himself, rather in disguise. This isn't just to abuse his ninja powers of disguise, but to also teach people something that may have long been forgotten: the wisdom of strangers is just as invaluable as the wisdom from books. His forte in education seems to be ith fighting and mental blocks hindering fighting prowess.

Beyond this little helping gimmick of his, Schwarz has little business around others besides Domon. He won't actively seek out company or companionship. But this doesn't put him against including himself in group activities, should he happen to find himself in proximity. He's not anti-social, just not actively social. Being both ninja and machine, there's little need for him to do things that would place him in a public situation.

Whenever asked about never doing the things regular people do, his typical response is : "Then I've done my job well." referring to his sneaky ninja status and skills. Most of Schwarz's free time is spent looking to be in a state of meditation, easily mistaken for sleep at times.

Capabilities and Resources: Schwarz is a miserable little pile of DG Cells. But enough talk... GUNDAM FIGHT!
But in depth, Schwarz is a master of German Ninjutsu... And whatever it honestly constitutes, it seems to be be equal or rival Japanese ninjutsu (excluding all the crazy hand seals, fire spitting, inner demons and some-such). Basically, he's a master of martial arts, disguise, deception, infiltration, and escape. Couple this with the fact that his body is entirely composed of low-activity Devil Gundam cells, and you have a man. A powerful man. One who can bend a few laws of nature, and make up a few of his own.
In short: teleportation, invisibility, limited physical regeneration, master of disguise, Master Asia level martial arts and high durability.

Robot Name: GF13-021N Gundam Speigel
Robot Description: There's little telling what Gundam Speigel could do before it was taken in by Kyoji's final conscious efforts; as it got wrecked within seconds of encountering the Devil Gundam. At the very least ,we can cover it's fixed armaments. Two heavy tonfa-like blades, Spiegel Blades, are mounted on it's forearms. Depending on necessity, they can be used as is, or flipped forward for combat. Outward, they're specialized in slashing and piercing attacks, and set up for Spiegel's strongest technique: Sturm Und Drung; a high velocity spinning technique that can range from simply rotating the Gundam itself, or causing a massive whirlwind hundreds of meters taller than the machine. Retracted, they're best for defence here, as well as leaving the hands free for grappling, blunt force, or throwing an innumerable amount of mesergranz knives. Mounted in the wrists are the cartridges for the Iron Net, a heavy net deployed akin to Spiderman. The net can be kept connected to the wrists for drawing enemies in, or released to pin down foes from a distance.

Recovered by, and used by a man of DG cells, it has a slight advantage of self regeneration. It nary needs reloading of it's weapons, but, it does take time for them to be recreated. It also has a very, very slow self-regeneration rate. If left alone for a good deal of time, it will gradually recover on it's own, but this wouldn't kick in anywhere near battle time.

The secrets of German engineering (??) have also allowed Gundam Spiegel to convey it's pilot's ninja techniques! Techniques such as kawarimi (replacement) and bunshin (clones) are fully within it's grasp, and are used regularly; albiet without explination of HOW it is capable of doing this. Gundam Spiegel is also capable of being fully stealth so long as it doesn't move; allowing it to hide in broad daylight, at hign noon, and nary a shadow nearby. Ideally, high-power sensors will be able to pick this up, as well as the very well trained eye.

Like most G-Fighters, Gundam Speigel is powered by the Mobile Trace system located in the cockpit. Any movement the pilot makes; the Gundam replicates. But this also applies in reverse; if the Gundam cannot move, the Trace System renders that much immobility to the pilot. Spiegel also functions on the Core Lander system; a small hovercraft that inserts the pilot seat into the back of the Gundam. serving as a single-seat transport when the Gundam is not in use, or escape pod; but when have we ever known a G-Fighter to REALLY escape using this?
Terrain Stats:
Land: S (it's a GD'ed ninja robot, it gets this bonus!)
Air: B
Sea: B
Space: A

Job: Gundam Fighter, surrogate mentor, bro.

Suggested Event List: NOPE!

Sample Post:


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